We are committed to taking care of people in every way as per ourcorporate philosophy.
Backed by years of experience and expertise in the security industry,
we aim to capture the largest share of the domestic market in Japan for safety products such as safety vests and guide rods.

Greetings from the president

Mizukei Corp. CEO Eiki Yoshida
Welcome to the Mizukei website.
As per our corporate philosophy of taking care of people in every way, we are committed to providing protection with a human face.
The Mizukei Group was founded in 1995 as a provider of security services including facilities, traffic direction and general congestion management. We provide security services that are integrated with local communities. The Safety Products Division, set up in 2008 in response to increased demand for safety services, supplies a range of products such as safety, work goods and disaster prevention goods developed in close consultation with the voice of the actual situation.
Our products are stocked at home hardware stores and other retail outlets throughout the country and are also available via our catalog sales and online shopping network.
Customer service is our top priority. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction with the safety services that we supply. We are looking forward to our future business dealings in the days ahead.
Mizukei Corp. CEO Eiki Yoshida

Safety Products Concept

Mizukei boasts an extensive distribution network that supply of safety tools encompassing home hardware stores, catalog, online shopping and wholesalers.
In Japan, we sell around 300,000 safety vests and 100,000 guide rods per year.
In addition to providing security services, we also manufacture a range of safety products designed to be useful and relevant in the field.We make our own products as well as national branded OEM products.

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
E-mail: mizukei@yakuda-tu.com